Not reading the inspection report

This is another common situation that could adversely affect the outcome of the inspection and the purchase itself. Taken the time to review the entire report is just as important to assist to the inspection. The report will not only include the findings discussed during the inspection, but any additional information related to them. In many cases, some research has to be made in order to properly evaluate the conditions, or to reach to a conclusion on any of the findings.

Our report include a section at the end called: OTHER COMMENTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS. In this section, you may find information not discussed during the on-site inspection, but that is complimentary or considerate relevant to the conditions observed. Reference links to reports or agencies are also included in the report, and are included because of their relevancy.

We try to make our reports as concise as possible and normally do not exceed 12 to 14 pages to make sure that the information provided is easy to identify and to be understood.

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